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2016M -- CO Contact Cleaner, 350 Grams
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Product Image
Product Description
A plastic safe, technically proven, high purity cleaning solvent. Non-corrosive, non-staining, rapid, complete evaporation. Leaves no residue. Removes light contaminants, atmospheric oils, moisture from precision electronic/electrical equipment.

Product Specifications
Applications Video heads/drums, navigation & telecommunication equipment, counter, marine electronics equipment, Servo equipment, transmitters & receivers, laboratory & precision electronic equipment
Unit Package Description 20 Ounce (591 ml) Aerosol
Brand CRC (Malaysia)
Generic Description 1 Precision Electronic Cleaning Solvent
Net Fill 350 Grams
UPC Code 078254220161
Unit Dimensions 23.95H x 6.68W x 6.68D cm
Units Per Case 12
Case Dimensions 24.64H x 21.08W x 28.19D cm
Cases Per Pallet 152
Case Weight 5.44 kg
I 2 of 5 Code 30078254220162
Appearance Colorless Liquid
Base Type Solvent
Flash point (F) <0°F
Flash point (C) <-17.8°C
Flammability Class - CPSC Extremely Flammable
Spec Gravity Concentrate 0.66
KB Value Not Determined
Plastic Safe Yes
Evaporation Rate Very Fast
Dielectric Strength Not Determined
Propellant Carbon Dioxide
NSF Category Code K2
NSF Number 144218
Aerosol Flammability Level III
DOT Proper Shipping Name Aerosols, Flammable, Limited Quantity
VOC % (Consumer Product def) 94.4
VOC g/L (Consumer Product def) 626.2
VOC lbs/gal (Consumer Prod def) 5.22
VOC Category Not Regulated