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SL1719M -- Mechanix Orange Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner w/Pumice, 3.785 Liter (Discontinued)
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Product Image
Product Description
MECHANIX ORANGE is formulated w/ the natural power of citrus. This fast, yet gentle hand cleaner is pH balanced, highly concentrated and very effective at cleaning the toughest soil. Its serious scrubbing power comes from fine grade pumice.

Product Specifications
Item Number 1007782
Applications Hands/skin, industrial sites.
Unit Package Description 1 Gallon (3.785 L) Bottle
Brand Sta-Lube (Malaysia)
Generic Description 1 Citrus Lotion Hand Cleaner w/Pumice
Net Fill 3.785 Liter
UPC Code 078254517193
Unit Dimensions 33H x 29.2W x 29.2D cm
Units Per Case 4
Case Number 1007781
Cases Per Pallet 48
Case Weight 16.78 kg
I 2 of 5 Code 30078254517194
Appearance White Lotion w/Pumice
Base Type Water Based
Flash point (F) 211°F
Flash point (C) >99°C
Flammability Class - CPSC None
Spec Gravity Concentrate 1.0
pH 6.7
Plastic Safe May Harm Sensitive Plastics
Evaporation Rate Slow
Propellant None
DOT Proper Shipping Name Not Regulated
VOC % (Consumer Product def) 0
VOC g/L (Consumer Product def) 0
VOC lbs/gal (Consumer Prod def) 0
VOC Category Not Regulated
Removal (How To) Remove with water.